Top-10 List: Ski Racer Edition

January 8, 2016

Mr. Alford, also know as Jefe to his students (A Spanish name for chief or boss), has inspired me with his first top-10 list, so I am going to make my own top-10 list. This is actually a work-in-progress that I have been subconsciously working on for a while now, so I think it is time to finally put it down in writing. There are plenty of other websites and even youtube videos that have similar ideas, but this is MY edition.


Top 10 Things Ski Racers Say (Brooke’s edition)

  • 10) “Are you wearing your bib?” – Immediately followed by question 2.
  • 9) “That course is getting rough” – Said after almost every single run taken, ever.
  • 8) “How many runs are we taking?” – Coaches absolutely hate this one.
  • 7) “Do we have to come back around and pull?” – The answer is always yes, no matter how many times we ask.
  • 6) “Are you gonna take a free run?” – There are always the frustrating people who don’t. Don’t be one of them.
  • 5)  “Did you slip?” – The instant way to dull your edges for your next 3 runs.
  • 4) “My toes are cold” – Are they ever warm?!
  • 3) “Did you tune?”  – This question is usually asked by those who didn’t, because… misery likes company.
  • 2) “Do you think they are going to make us strip?” – Either way, you will feel pressured into it by the hardos.
  • 1) “Are you wearing pants?” – Do you want to be fast?

This is a little shout-out to all of the ski racers who go out and freeze their butts off every day, while asking every one of these questions.

For those reading this who don’t know anything about ski racing, NO, stripping is not what you think, it just means removing your outer gear so that you are in just a speed suit. Also, not wearing pants is more common than it sounds, and “coming around to pull” refers to pulling the gates out of the ground.


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