too many cooks in the kitchen?

April 14, 2012

In the beginning of the week, when I realized that, yet again, I had been a bad glogger, I struggled trying to think of the perfect topic to write about for this post. And then, assembly Friday morning. A wonderful source of inspiration. The first friday night bake-off/kitchen smack-down in the Ordway Kitchen. At first I thought I would just go and take pictures, but when Nika invited me to bake with her I had to jump on the opportunity. Nika and I made a rice krispie and chocolate chip cookie creation as well as a cinnamon bun cake that took FOREVER but when it finally came out, I think it impressed the judges. So here are a few pictures from the festivities. Over 20 kids in the kitchen, and many different creations coming out of the kitchen.

Spaniards cooking up something muy bueno



Alec and Kyrstin making cupcakes


Needless to say, all the judges gained a few pounds but everyone had a good time. Still hoping for spring, see you next week,



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  1. Avatar doug alford says:

    I wish I could have been there! Cathryn, you are a GREAT Glogger!!!

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