Tons Of Fun Fluffy White Stuff Falling From The Sky (Or Life is Good)

October 30, 2011

Today, I am able to write about what I believe is the greatest thing about living in Bethel,ME…. The overwhelming excess of snow that marks the beginning of a new season, lots of fun, smiles, laughs and many, many good times. I fell asleep at about midnight last night, almost completely unable to sleep. There was snow falling, and there was about an inch of it on the ground already. I fell asleep after watching Warren Miller’s Playground, with dreams of ski gates and powder days dancing through my head.

Something that you should probably know about me is that I absolutely adore skiing. I spend my summers making money to afford this wonderful sport, use my favorite sports to train for it, and then live the lifestyle of a ski racer (waking up at ungodly hours on the days when snow was falling in massive quantities the night before, where the Man has decided it is too dangerous to get kids to school, grabbing my skis, hopping in my parents car and going skiing. Or perhaps on a Saturday to travel a few hours to another ski resort to get a day of racing in… I couldn’t thank my parents enough for making those days possible) all winter long.

It is really impossible for somebody to realize that once you get past the cold, if you’ve strapped on a couple boards to your feet (or just one, I’m not discriminating), you have unlimited fun potential. As long as you are on the slopes, you are with friends, people who fundamentally enjoy the same sport you do. You can share a smile with any of them, makes jokes on the chairlift, help someone up after they fall (Ski Patrollers do an amazing job of this!) or just generally have a good time with them. These tiny, white crystalline masses that fall from the sky brighten up Bethel, brighten the souls of people around it and make people have fun (I have already taken part in a snowball fight with my siblings. Life is good.

So please, if you are ever in town and have a day where you don’t know what to do, try to find your way up to the mountain, and go skiing, or take a lesson! You’ll enjoy it soon enough,  and then you’ll understand what all of the Hype is about!


Also, this glog post would not be complete without the amazing story of four guys, who decided to add just a few miles on to their mountain bike ride,hiked all of the way up Sunday River,  added a ton of vertical, and got what might be the last mountain bike runs on Sunday River. We shared smiles, laughs, froze our butts off on top and just generally had a good time on the mountain. Here are some pics to sum up our adventures. We were definitely doing what we like, and liking what we were doing. Thanks Jackson, George, and Robbie for an amazing adventure!

The View from the top… Pre-snow, of course!

I really can’t wait to be hopping off of that lift in front… It should be soon enough. After that it was a really really fun descent!

Three great guys, amazing friends, after a killer day on the mountain. I’m still smiling about it when I write this!

Happy Trails,



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