Today might have been the day…

October 5, 2007

Every once in a while, it makes sense to talk about the weather. Today was one of those days. In Bethel we were treated to one of those days of that you hope will never end. Today might have been the day that the weather achieved true perfection.

Then again, perhaps tomorrow or Saturday will be even better!

At Gould, great weather creates buzz. This morning morning fog burned off quickly, and from then on there were few vacancies in the Adirondack chairs around campus, even long after the sun had set. As people came out of assembly, they were treated to fresh pineapple by members of Community Council. Why pineapple you ask? Stay tuned…

Throughout the day, people looked for excuses to get outside, and a little less work may have been done during X-dot than usual. But it was all for a good cause, as today was close to perfect. Students and teachers alike found time for a run, reading in the sun, or prolonging a conversation along a walk or while sitting on a wall. Bikes and skateboards were everywhere and an evening pick-up game of speedball went on almost until dark. As Study Hall came near and a great sunset had faded to a faint glow on the Locke Mountain ridge, people still struggled to move inside.

Fortunately, this afternoon I had a conference call with the people from Cannondale and had to ride up to Twin Bridges for the best reception on my special procrastination phone. The extra time this evening will be well worth having gotten out of the office for a while. While my legs said that the ride should be over, my eyes and senses said “Go on!” The Sunday River never looked better. I checked it out from many different angles just to make sure that I didn’t miss anything.

But now my ‘field trip’ leaves me with work to catch up on. The history students who traveled to Boston for the day are now back, the group climbing Katahdin have a spectacular evening under the stars and the freshmen are hopefully getting ahead on their work as they will all be traveling to Fryeburg tomorrow. There will be another group sweeping up fall’s first fallen leaves as the sun rises. Perhaps tomorrow will be even more…perfect?


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