To Road-Trip..

April 16, 2014


Traveling is a necessity for those who are serious about skiing.  If you’re a weekend warrior, you make the big commute from the city to the mountains on a regular basis.  If you’re a big time PRO shooting ski movies, you chase storms all around the world to shred the best Powder that winter has to offer.

Gould’s Freeskiers spent the first half of their season traveling around New England competing in the USSA Regional Slopestyle Series.  With the other half of their season taking place in California, Idaho and Utah, the bulk of our travel was still in front of them.


Their next stop was the Rev Tour at Mammoth Mountain from 2/23 through 2/27, after that was the Rev Tour at Sun Valley Idaho from 3/2 through 3/5, and finally they had USSA Junior Nationals in Park City from 3/10 through 3/16. Instead of flying out and back for each event, we decided that the best way to attack this part of the schedule was by going on a good old-fashion Road-Trip.


Kyler Walker, Will Halper, Riley McDonough, Clayton Gamble, Will Harvey, Jay Wilder and Connor Kelly had never been on a Ski oriented Road-Trip before this season, but they sure were fired up about the idea of it!

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 7.59.06 PM

On February 22nd the crew headed to Logan International Airport and flew to Sacramento, CA.  Over the next three weeks the boys would travel over 2,500 miles across 4 states, skiing at 7 resorts, compete in 3 competitions and enjoy 1 awesome adventure.


Keep your eyes open for “The Western Experience” which will be full of photos, stories and videos from our Road-Trip!


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  1. Avatar Susan McDonough says:

    Thanks Rory. You were the biggest reason the trip was so awesome!

  2. Rory Flynn Rory Flynn says:

    My pleasure.

  3. Avatar Nancy Babcock says:

    Just found/made my way to the blog (thanks to Kimble:)) So great to see a recap of the trip! Thanks so much, Rory

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