Tis the Season!

December 9, 2014

Gingerbread house making. Snowball. Sushi. Yule fest. The cookie walk. Secret Santa.

These are all the traditions at Gould that signify the arrival of the holiday season. With two weeks to vacation and 16 days to Christmas, I asked Gould students what their favorite holiday tradition here at Gould was:

“Gingerbread house decorating. It’s fun to have everyone in one place happy and feeling holidayish and there’s lots of yummy candy. Oh and the gingerbread houses that come out of it are really fun to look at.”GingerbreadHouse_2013 44-L

Nick Martin’s favorite? “The annual tree slaughter. Its basically the best thing ever. You got trucks, trailers, and trees what else could you ask for? Lotta fun and was a great way get out in the woods” (The annual tree slaughter is when several students go out into the woods to cut down the trees for snowball, as shown in the picture above)

“Snowball. Good food and good music.”

Snow  Ball 2013 143-L

“Christmas dub step!”

“Making sushi! It’s pretty fun and you get to eat a ton of rice while your making it even if your not suppose to. And it’s fun to do it with people who already make sushi at home.”

Snow  Ball 2013 002-L

“Yulefest! When Riley played the charlie brown song on the piano last year, that was the best thing ever”

“Dance lessons! It’s fun to see everyone struggle at them and then actually use what they learn at the dance. And also the seniors are great teachers.” (Some background: Last night the dance teacher couldn’t make it so the seniors stepped up to teach the underclassmen. It was quite the collaboration.)

“Sushi making! Because it’s not as messy as gingerbread house making and we can make a contribution to snowball. But snowball is pretty good too.”

“Secret Santa. I like that you get presents and you get to give presents. Plus I got a really good person this year”

“Gingerbread house making. I really like to eat all the candy. I make a sick house too but more importantly I get to eat candy.

GingerbreadHouse_2013 09-L

“The cookie walk. There’s tons of cookies and you never know what’s going to be there. Then you just fill your plate as high as you can. It’s awesome.”

According to Caleb it’s vacation, “I like vacation. It’s during the holiday season and it’s fun”

Acording to Chase his own favorite tradition is, “Holiday season hot tubing”

Canning’s favorite is, “The dorm competitions. The residential lounge decorating competition because it get’s Gould into the festive, holiday spirit and spreads cheer and joy throughout the campus.” (More background: every year there is a competition between each dorm and the day students to see who can decorate there lounge space most festively)

Till next time,

Happy Holidays!


(All photo creds go to Dirk MacKnight!)


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    Wonderful traditions and a lot of fun coming up! Glad you mentioned it:)

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