Tips for Staying Warm & Eastern Cup #2 Video Short

January 20, 2015

As you most of you probably know it was freezing last Saturday, and lucky for me I was at Black Mountain experiencing my first ever Eastern Cup race. Most parents (including mine) who have been to Black mountain for various races remarked to me that it is ALWAYS cold and windy at Black, but it was especially cold Saturday with temperatures in the low teens and a wicked wind chill. So in honor of it being freezing on Saturday,  I thought I would share a few tips I keep in mind when being outside in the cold.

-Eat lots and often!

-Wear and bring lots of layers.

-Bring a hat, just in case, as a  large portion of your heat escapes through your head.

-Bring mittens or Lobster Mitts, they are generally warmer than gloves.

-If you are sweating just after you race, go change. You don’t want your sweat to freeze and turn you into a sweatcicle.

I hope you enjoyed our weirdly warm Monday!


Here is a short clip of some shots I took at the Eastern Cup race Classical race on Friday. The men raced 20k and the women raced 15k!



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