July 1, 2015

The question of time dominates our conversations at Gould. We have passionate students and faculty who have created a depth and breadth of programming that fills every minute, every nook of time.

We’ve arrived at the place where we need to stop and consider how we use this most precious and immutable resource. So we have to look deeply at our mission, strategic imperatives, and the health and well-being of our community to critically evaluate how we use time and how we should think about and “build” our time moving forward.

I am excited that this fall our faculty will start an 18-month project to evaluate and improve how we use time at Gould. This process will involve significant input from students and parents at several steps in the process. We’ll talk more about this in the fall.

As a community, we hope this work will help us move forward on many fronts:

  • Collaboration and internships beyond Gould
  • Student initiatives and leadership…clubs, community service, leadership and student government
  • Time for student independent work and faculty mentorship
  • Resolving On Snow-Four Point conflict in March
  • Expanding our support of students: wellness, life skills, college process and test preparation, and time for reflection
  • Travel and language immersion
  • Providing the flexibility and  customization to support the best learning and create the most opportunities
  • Ensuring the flexibility that allows us to make the most of  our most critical assets: Sunday River, our mountains and forests, the Androscoggin, McLaughlin Science and Math Center, IDEAS Center, Art Cottage, Bingham Hall, and the Manhattan School of Music (to name a few)

I’d love to hear your ideas about time in schools and the opportunities for Gould. Please post your thoughts in the comment section.

Go Huskies!



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