Thursday Thoughts

September 20, 2007

Have you got GLOG? You may have heard us ask this over the last week, and little did you know we did have GLOG and today is our day.

As some of you may know we are on a quick visit to the UK, to attend a family wedding. The last time we were here was to bring the snowboard team to experience year round snow in the UK. Where you may well ask…. They have created indoor snow facilities, which enabled the snowboarders guaranteed snow in the fall at Escape Snodome. While in the UK the team got to take in the local history, they visited Caernaervon Castle, which Mr. Manning incorporated in a History lesson on their return.

For those of you that don’t know us as well as others, we are the transplants form the UK and live in Davidson dorm (big shout out to the boys).

We have been in the Bethel area for 10 years and this will be our 5th year living at Gould. Chris is the Head snowboard coach and Helen works at Sunday River running the children’s ski school in the winter and Concierge in the summer.
We are off to Chester today it’s a walled city built by the Romans with an Elizabethan twist, ask Ms Shibles about Chester as she has visited. We will add some pictures later today; remember we are 5 hours ahead. See you all soon.
Ist floor Davidson, remember to Hoover ( to vacum your room really well!) tomorrow morning, we miss you all.
The picture above is Llangollen Castle looking down the valley.

Go Huskies.


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