Three Days and Counting!

March 16, 2013

The reality of leaving in three days has hit me and today the packing starts.  I have the advantage of going to China a number of times, so the decision making is a bit easier.  This post includes responses to a number of your packing questions.

Those going to Chengdu may have noticed temperatures forecasted in the 70’s (maybe 80’s).  For girls, short shorts or short skirts are out of the question.  If you want to bring a pair of knee length shorts (or skirt) that is fine.  Please remember that host students will be in their track suit uniforms all day long.  Capris would also be o.k., but you must bring long pants. It never really feels as warm as the posted temperature and we will be outdoors much of the time.  Those going to Xi’an should stick to long pants.  Boys should stick to long pants in both cities.

Electric razors and hair dryers will work provided that they can handle 220 voltage.  Most have a converter in the plug and all you will need in Chengdu and Xi’an is the correct plug adapter.  The outlets in the Beijing hostel will accept our plugs so charging of cameras and powering razors and hairdryers is easy.

Remember to bring extra batteries and memory cards for your camera.  Please be prepared to leave your personal music devise in your suitcase when we are all together in China.

We will spend the time together in Boston preparing for our great adventure!  Chinese money and journals will be handed out the night before we leave.  Some may want chaperones to hold their money.

The weather on Tuesday (19th) may be a challenge.  If you are traveling with us by the charter bus from Bethel please plan to meet in Ordway by 12:00.

I think that is it for now.  Happy packing!

Martha Whittington


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