Three crazy weeks

December 6, 2015

The brief period between Thanksgiving and Winter Break is super busy. Adjusting to a new schedule and skiing daily makes these three weeks seem a bit like the beginning of a new year. We also have a few big events, Snowball (as a number of the other gloggers have discussed), Yülesfest, Gingerbread house decorating, and more. Some much to do and not much time. On top of that, all of the teachers (us meanies) try to get enough grades in the books for midterms which are right around the corner when we return. This leads to a a good deal of school work too. (Students- don’t forget, that teachers aren’t just giving you work… we are giving ourselves more work at the same time.)

Looking further ahead, one of the most exciting parts of winter term for me comes at the very end of the term.  In March, I will travel with 7 faculty members and 40 9th graders to China. I will write more about our Four Point trip as we get closer to March, but to start the winter term, I wanted to introduce you to a few students (and one alumnus) who I have traveled with in the past.

jameson square

This is Jameson. He graduated last year. He is studying at UCBoulder now. Here he is in Chengdu four years ago on Four Point. He is getting his ears cleaned in a park. He found the experience to be rather interesting. Hopefully the ear cleaning is still working, so he can hear his professors well. Listen, Jameson, listen.


Jacob 9 squarejacob now square


This is Jacob. The top picture is from 9th grade, the bottom picture today… Jacob doesn’t like pictures so I promised to use a good one if I found it. I used the good one and the one I took today. Jacob likes to ski and mountain bike. Jacob 也说中文说得非常棒!(Jacob also speaks Chinese really well!) 三年以前三月份,Jacob跟我一起去西安旅游。(Jacob traveled to Xi’an with me three years ago March on Four Point. ) 加油,Jacob,加油。



This is John. John is my “advisee” (meaning he isn’t my advisee, but shows up to all of our advisee functions.) He also helped us out with dishes this week. Thanks, John! John traveled to Kunming with me two years ago in March for Four Point. John likes to play lacrosse and snowboard. Wash, Johnny, wash.


sherry square


This is Sherry. Sherry is a snowboarder and will be a rugrats instructor this winter. Sherry traveled to Chengdu with me last March during Four Point. Sherry likes to smile and have fun! Today, Sherry is working hard doing her math homework and practicing the Unit Circle. Find that value, Sherry, find that value.

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 15.13.23

Soon the 9th graders will find out who they are traveling with to China. Travel, 9th graders, travel!


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