Three Classrooms, Three Dynasties, and Muslim Street

March 21, 2014

We started the day observing the first classes at school. Students visited English, Geometry, and French classes.


We visited the Shaanxi History Museum. This museum focused on the rich history of this city. It was the original capital of China and dates back to the first emperor, Qin Shihuangdi, and the region during the pre-historic area. The Qin dynasty remained in power until 209 B.C. We then went on to tour galleries with artifacts from two more dynasties, none of which were the period of history which we focused on in Beijing.

When you read dates like that in museums, it is hard to not be struck by the vast stretch of time of Chinese history!




After some time at the museum and lunch out, we headed to a shopping district referred to as Muslim Street. Xi’an was the end of the “silk road” trade route, so there is an influence of these cultural roots in the foods sold on this shopping street and other aspects of culture due to this history.

Please remember that there will not be blog posts over the weekend, as students will be with their host families for the whole weekend. That aspect of the trip is going well. Everyone is off to a good start with their host families and their home stays.

Below are some other photos from today:






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