This year’s last post on Halloween (I think).

November 2, 2010

OVERHEARD IN THE FIELDHOUSE (quoting a ski coach, after 90 minutes of volleyball and 2 lightning-fast rounds of knockout):  “Hey, I think I’m starting to sweat here!”

One of the downsides of posting on Tuesday is that the Monday post gets to scoop everything from the weekend.  It’s unfair but it’s reality, and so I have made a decision.

I’m going to steal Annie’s password and kidnap her blog.

All things considered, I think it’s a good idea.  All I have to do is write a nondescript entry about the weekend, delete Annie’s post right after it goes online, replace it with my “Annie post”, and then wait until Tuesday morning to post mine.

What could go wrong?

So here’s to my last “follow-up” post, this one on Halloween.  This is a personal note, as we weren’t in the U.S. last year for the holiday, and we missed it.  Here are some of my observations on Halloween, jotted down last October in Spain.  All you need to know here is that our daughter, Chaia, is 8 years old and waits impatiently for Halloween starting the day after Thanksgiving.  It is her special day and she loves it with a special love.

In Spain:

  • There are no candy corns. That alone should have warned me about today.
  • There is no trick-or-treating. Chaia is, with good reason, outraged.
  • There are no parades. This, in a city that 2 weeks ago had a parade of around 300,000 people. In costumes.
  • Chaia was not allowed to wear a full costume to school on Friday, only a hat. Outraged.
  • If you look hard, you can find costumes for sale, as well as bags of candy. But again, no one wears costumes and no trick or treating.

NOW do you understand why Halloween in the U.S. is so great?  This video clip should help too.

Oh yeah, and Annie didn’t post this.  I did.  Happy Halloween!


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