This must be vacation!

November 24, 2009

Hello Glog Readers,

“Tuesday” has jumped into my lap, and it’s a good thing, because I was about to stand up and spend the whole day oblivious of the fact that it IS Tuesday. What would Tuesday be without a little Glog.

This morning, as every morning, Reiley stood in the kitchen of our apartment and asked, “anybody sleeping?” Normally our answer is, “yes, the girls are still sleeping.” Our nearest neighbors, Rosemary and Catherine, can hear every move we make in the kitchen from their dorm room. We try to be respectful neighbors, especially in the morning. This morning, however, we said, “no, the girls aren’t here right now.” That was met with pure jubilation as he realized he could play his harmonica! First thing in the morning! What could be better than that? Vacation ROCKS!

In pig news (there’s always pig news): Nearly all our piglets are spoken for! From a start of 34 piglets (ours and the 2 litters from Tim’s pigs), we have 15 going to a woman in Appleton, ME who sells pasture-raised pork, 3 going to the farmer who loaned us the boar this summer, 4 to Merritt H’s father’s school, the Hillside School in MA, 2 to a person looking for specific colorings, 4 will stay here at Gould (one of which will be sold to friends in Lovell, ME in the spring to spend the spring and summer turning up new garden space). That’s not all, but it’s pretty close! There were a few weeks when Mr. Parker and I were exploring the possibility of raising all 13 of ours here at Gould’s farm. That would’ve been quite a feat to do well.

Sunday River continues to be an active place with skiers and riders from all over the east coast. I’ve heard Sunday River is the only mountain that’s open early season. Lucky for Gould!

Until next week,



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