Thievery. Blasphemy.

January 22, 2014

OVERHEARD: “If you’re early in the week, you can write about anything anyone else wants too”

***in Spanish class from a fellow Glogger speaking about glogging***

I have a complaint to lodge. Sr. Alford, I’M TALKING TO YOU.

I have been wronged. My idea for this weeks Glog post has been STOLEN. By the smiling face between the cute blonde and freckly brunette shown below.

Screen Shot 2014-01-22 at 9.46.47 AM








Don’t be fooled by his grin. He’s actually a thief and a sneak.

So in the spirit of playful revenge, this is the roast of Douglas M. Alford.

I’d like to draw attention first to his writing.

Direct quote from every single one of his posts: “In the spirit of full disclosure”, “extensive research shows”

“list list list list list”

I mean really, what’s with the lists?!

And asking 6 freshman a question does NOT count as extensive research. You know how I know that?

MRS. Alford is my statistics teacher. Really Mr. Alford, you should know better. 

To be honest, this is my attempt to draw your attention to reality. From his posts you may think, “Oh, what a fun, spirited teacher and such a nice man!” but, I am here to tell you that that is false. Do not trust him. He will take your ideas and claim them as his own.

This is just the beginning Jefe. The gloves are off.





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  1. Avatar doug alford says:

    Dear Cathryn,

    It’s on.

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