They’re Back….

March 22, 2012

So everyone is back and the students are really getting into the swing of things pretty quickly.

From our side of things, first of all, we were on duty in the dorm, receiving the international students who came back early. Next to faculty meetings and checking out the new library in Hanscom, where I did a couple of group tasks…It’s a great space for reflection, and learning, a real treat for Gould Academy.

It’s really great to see everyone back, it’s been so lonely without the hustle and bustle, that is a regular day at Gould Academy.

The other noticeable change is watching the sports teams doing their thing. From our vantage point in Gehring overlooking the upper field and Church St, we get to see all the teams doing, baseball practice, early season runs and the cycle team doing town laps as a warm up for longer rides to come.

Sorry no pictures this week, but I promise some for next week.

Enjoy the weather.

Chris and Helen


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