They are HERE! (Beijing Day 0)

March 14, 2015

EVERYONE ARRIVED SAFELY TODAY (although the group was running a bit behind schedule… oh well)! I have heard from the other teachers that all of the students were excellent travelers and were courteous at all times. They truly lived up to the ideal of conduct becoming of a Gould Academy student.

After everyone gathered in Beijing Capital Airport, we got on a bus and headed into the city. After a boisterous bus ride- with relatively minimal traffic for 6 pm Beijing- we took a few short minutes at the hostel and then headed across the street for a few “SimPle dish”.


We ate a lot. We laughed and struggled with our chopsticks, and we tried to keep our eyes open.




IMG_0072 IMG_0075 IMG_0079 IMG_0080

Now everyone is in their rooms, and I assume most of the students are already asleep.

Tomorrow we head to Panjiayuan (The Dirt Market) and the Temple of Heaven. We should have more pictures and more stories to tell tomorrow night. But for tonight I am also heading to bed.


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  1. Avatar Andee Alford says:

    Great to see everyone looking so happy!! Have fun and eat some jien bing guoza for me!

  2. Chris Hayward Chris Hayward says:

    Looking pretty good for over 24 hours of travel time.

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