“There’s Actually a JUMP in the COURSE?!?!”

January 15, 2012

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a good week last week, and a good weekend!

As you all probably know, I am an avid Ski Racer. I don’t know why I like stripping down to a couple layers of spandex when it’s -10 Fahrenheit out, but if I had to guess, its the feeling of almost total control, going as fast as you can down what most would consider a sloped ice skating rink. Get two runs in, eat a burger and drink some hot cocoa, and you have my idea of a perfect Saturday.

Yesterday was the end of Midterms, another milestone in an experience which I feel is going by far too fast. It sometimes feels like every morning is a minute, every day is an hour and every week is another day (I’m not sure if that last sentence made sense… my time at Gould is going by at Macht Schnell and I can’t seem to slow it down for anything). In a month and four short days, the Junior Class and I will be bundling up and heading into the woods for eight days. I’m actually really excited for that. However, it also marks the end of winter term, my favorite trimester, so it’s bittersweet.

You may be wondering what I meant by my title, up the page a bit. Thanks for being patient with my necessary rambling on how sad I am that it’s midterms. Yesterday, after I had three classes, the USSA ski team packed our bags and our skis to head up to Titcomb Mountain (more of a slope than a moutain), for what may be my favorite race of the year, the Titcomb Night Slalom. Oh, and by that route, there is the famous Marden’s. Thompson had never been, so we just had to stop. Great way to stock up on candy, shinguards, or just buy some silly things for cheap.

We had heard rumours from a kid on the team that there was going to be a jump in the course. However, we thought that he was lying through his teeth, right to our faces. In a slalom course, there is a certain space between every gate, and that space pretty much correlates to how fast you can physically make the turn due to the skis we race on. We believed that if you put a jump in the course, it would be nearly impossible to make any gates after the jump. If you don’t know what I mean by slalom, here’s a video from my new GoPro which documents a day of dual slalom training (Two courses, side by side, the exact same course) pretty accurately.

No, I didn’t win a run. I’ll get them tomorrow during my race at the River.

Long story short (my glog is already running a little long) there WAS a jump in the course. Some highlights of the night were Shane Love’s Massive spread eagle(and finding his way down the course to land himself in the Silver Medal position!), and an iron cross from Jackson Keogh all off of this ProJump:

This is not a jump as any freestylers would call it, but a Projump, as they were first seen in the Pro series of ski races in the 80s. Its about 2 feet tall and landed you right next to the next gate.

Peter Fordyce also grabbed himself some hardware, with a silver medal for J2 men.

Anyways, it was a lot of fun, which I feel is a good thing. Sometimes you just have to challenge yourself a bit, and make it kind of crazy to keep your inner drive going.

Have a Great week!




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