The Yunnan Nationalities Village pt 2

March 22, 2014

Here are a few more pictures from today… Since Kristen Drew and I are in different homestays, we aren’t able to share pictures as well, so you get two posts!


Half the group at lunch.

Crossing the bridge

The Nationalities Village is a lovely park with many waterways and bridges. Here are a few of our kids crossing a bridge.

Breaking things

John and Mario

Another shot of John introducing Mario, his host.

Hayli and Hayli

Hayli with a picture of herself sitting on top of an elephant!

Haylee Hayli and Alex

Alex, Hayli, and Haylee hopping on the bus with their hosts for the weekend.

Matt's Milk in a Bag

Matt has milk in a bag while waiting to get picked up.

Sky and Lily

Schuyler and Lily go home for the weekend.

It sounded like there were many great plans for fun this weekend. We can’t wait to hear all about it Monday morning.



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