The World According to Josh Bothwell

June 1, 2011

Josh Bothwell

Skating everyday for hours, pushing yourself so that, just by using a piece of wood, you can do remarkable things. These are just a few things that describe Skate School and Gould Academy. Normally, I just skate for an hour or two in the street, and occasionally I go to spots with my buds.  But Skate School has pushed me farther than I have ever gone with skateboarding, and I have just barely scratched the surface of this intense sport.

Everyday Jesse, Gregg, Lexi, and I head over to the Gould Academy Field House to do some yoga, watch skate videos, and eventually skate with the team manager, Eric. Eric is a great dude. He has helped me with my foot positioning, which led to helping me with my ollies. He doesn’t actual coach us, but he just hangs with us and if he sees that we are struggling on a trick, or something, then he will give us pointers. Most of the time, I see Eric as more of a friend than a coach. He even brought the crew to Rye Airfield last week. It was so intense, man! Even though I had a sprained foot, I still had a lot of fun.

Last weekend, the G.A.S.S. crew and I took a road trip down to western Pennsylvania, to go to Camp Woodward, with Dave and Toebee Parkhurst. Toebee is a real cool dude who just happens to be pro. He took a few days off from work to skate with us. Man, that road trip was awesome! We slowly made our way down to Camp Woodward, while hitting up some sweet parks in Connecticut, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Toebee is a really good skater, and he helped me with my skating a little bit as well. Although, most of the time that we were “skating” we were joking and having fun with Toebee. Camp Woodward is so fun, and I especial like the foam pit in “The Playground.” I dug my way to the bottom and just hung out in the pit for a while. When I came back up to the surface, I was covered with blue foam dots and I am now forever known as “Foamy.”

Skate School, in general, has just been a blast, and I will be really sad to leave. But on the upside, I am seriously considering coming back to Gould Academy for school next year. If I do, then I can still see all the friends I have made, such as Toebee, Eric, Dave, Dave’s kids, Thomson, (our dorm head,) and everyone else. PEACE OUT GOULD!!

Joshua Bothwell, Gould Academy Skate School (G.A.S.S.) student


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