The Winter Term is Here, dress for the weather

November 30, 2015

Tomorrow will be the first day of classes for the Gould 15/16 Winter Term.  Students will be meeting at 7:45 to sort out co and extra curricular logistics.  Many of the students will be off to “The Mountain”.  Heading up to the hill for the first time is often exciting and overwhelming… I have not been on snow yet this season but I will undoubtedly get the jitters as I load the lift and hope I remember how to ski.  I am excited for everyone who will be spending the morning at Sunday River, nordic skiing, and playing basketball – enjoy it!  I will see your weary faces in class after lunch.

A few tips for planning your outfits for tomorrow morning…


Gwen was ready to ski in August, she is forgetting a warm layer on top though… Be sure you wear a warm jacket, pants, and gloves!


In the 1950’s when this was taken, fashion in skiing was everything – it is a good idea to tuck your ski sweater into your wool pants, less snow down your back when you fall…


Problem here… Jeans might be in dress code but put them on after you ski, avoid looking like a “Joey” never ski or ride in jeans!

Skier in the air --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

She is almost there… However, she is missing her helmet! Gould has a strict helmet policy, wear it and buckle it! Also, if I were her i’d wear googles instead of sunglasses!








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