The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round…

November 6, 2011

Hi Everyone! Its been a pretty crazy weekend, and I’m going to try to post this quick so that I can finish some of the things that I really need to be doing this afternoon. I’ve been going non-stop all weekend, and the only reason I am still awake right now is that wonderful extra hour of sleep last night. I had a bike race, watched the powerful fall drama performance, ran the lights for the dance performance, and then got up this morning at the crack o’ dawn to hit the slopes. But I promised a good friend that I would not write about my amazing morning on the slopes (even though I really want to… I stole her glog post last week, and she got all the pics that would make this story way better. Be sure to tune in wednesday to see what she has to say about the blue skies and steep trails today!) so instead, I’m going to talk about something that has occurred to me between yesterday and today.

Over the weekend, I travelled 150 miles in a bus, among good friends from Gould. Yesterday, we grabbed a bus, filled it with bikers, bikes and Sam Butterfield’s music, and drove off to fend for our schools’ pride and glory. 2 and a half hours on a bus would normally seem to be a pretty boring topic to be writing about, but it is what happens on a bus that really touched me. 10 people on a short bus heading out on an extended journey to race mountain bikes (when they could be skiing…) had SMILES on their face. It was a bluebird day, not a cloud in the sky, warm enough to be comfortable riding a bike in shorts and a t-shirt, and we were stuck in a bus. I find buses to be a great place to gain a sense of unity: on a “good” bus ride (such as the one yesterday), everybody talks with everyone at some point. Jokes are passed around with no hatred meant towards another on the bus, everyone smiles at some point, you laugh at the bus driver for almost getting horribly lost, or missing a turn, and you listen to really really loud music. As we careened down the highway, I thought to myself “Hey, I’d much rather be skiing, but there’s no place that I would rather be than right here, among old friends and friends that I gained over the season, getting ready to race on two wheels.” I really can’t explain this feeling, except as one of those feelings that you wish would never leave. The sense of unity among people with a common cause at Gould never ceases to amaze me. I love the bike team.

This morning though, bike season was pronounced over. All competition program skiers and snowboarders will be hitting the slopes from now through march break, and maybe a little after. Au revoir mountain bike season 2011, its been fun.

As I hopped on a bus this morning, the smiles were back. It was a new season, one that I love along with everyone on that bus, so I couldn’t help but smile. I was back among friends, with a different interest but the same idea, to go to a new place and have fun when we get there. But the fun that ensued is another story…


Have a great week, safe travels, and good times!



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