The Western Experience: Utah

May 8, 2014


We left our Idaho abode early that morning, so we had ample time to enjoy our drive to Park City, Utah.  This was the last leg of our epic road trip.  We had 8 days ahead of us in Utah and we’d be staying in the same house for the duration.  Having to pack and unpack only to pack again for the last two weeks, there was a sense of relief once we settled in our new temporary home.

Things to see and places to go, our docket was full.  Antelope Island is a state park in the Salt Lake and was on our to do list; the photo above was taken there along with many others, you can find them on Facebook..  The Univeristy of Utah and Westminster College are both in town and lucky for us, Gould Alum Blake Wilson was around for tours and a general resource for the area.  Oh right, and we had to ski some of Utah’s best resorts..


Our first two days on hill we spent at the Canyons, where have a couple of really fun parks and we had great weather while we were there!  At this point we were on our own schedule, so we planned accordingly.  Sleep in a little bit, have a good breakfast before we head out, pack a brown bag lunch and shred wherever we want until they kick us out.  We had a solid time, see for yourself!

The Canyons is a great resort, but you haven’t skied Utah if you haven’t skied the Cottonwoods.  So the next day we were off to Brighton, my favorite place on earth.


As you can see, the weather was tragic and the skiing was alright..  But seriously, watch how much fun it was!

After a few days of freeriding it was time to get to some freesking.  Junior Nationals was  about to commence in Park City, and this whole crew was qualified for the Slopestyle event.


Big Papa Kimble met us in Park City for this part of the trip!  It was a joyous reunion and he was proud to watch his kids throw down at the Championship Match.

JO Course

The event was 5 days long.  Many skiers from all over the country were here to compete so there was a definite need for order..  This meant that our week would be packed with meetings and technical schedules, so we had to buckle down and shift our focus a bit.


As it went, all of our athletes represented themselves well!  We had some top finishes with Jay Wilder hitting the podium in 3rd place overall and Kyler Walker in 6th!!  


There is a album of photos on facebook of all the guys in action from the event.  We only had a bit of time away from the schedule for some free laps, and catching up with each other was a challenge at times, but but we did get to log a few shots..

Feeling tired and overstimulated, it was getting to be about that time.  Every journey comes to an end, and when it comes to epic road-trips, you hope it’s before everyone wants to fight each other.  Even the closest of friends need space after spending 24 hours a day with each other for 3 weeks…


This time around we were lucky!  Having a bit of time to kill before heading to the airport, we pit-stopped one last time at a little spot that overlooks Salt Lake City.  Being another beautiful day, we gazed over the grid which is SLC and reflect on our trip in anticipation for our journey back east.


Connor, Clayton, Halper, Riley, Kyler, Jay and Harvey are good humored, adventurous, responsible and now well traveled young men.  It was a pleasure boys!  Until next time..


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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    So grateful to you, Rory, for showing us these very talented kids in their element. You’ve done an awesome job – thanks so much!!! Can I sign up for your next trip?

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