The Western Experience: Tahoe and Sun Valley, ID

May 1, 2014

Mono Lake

We left Mammoth in the afternoon with the sun still high in the sky.  We had a 4+ hour drive in front of us to South Lake Tahoe, but only made it 20 minutes before pulling the van over to the side of the road.  When Mono Lake first came into view we knew we had to stop and take it in.  The quick pitstop turned into more than an hour adventure..  We walked along the banks, jumped from rock to rock, and chased the shadows of the sunset.  There are plenty of great photos, so look for them on Facebook.


We made it to Tahoe late that night, so we ate pizza once we arrived in South Lake.  A sign on the wall in the pizzeria suggested that 16 inches of snow had fallen at Kirkwood that day and another 8 was expected over night.  We anticipated an early morning the next day if we were getting freshies, so we tried to get settled and to bed quickly.  The drive to the mountain the next morning was a bit traitorous, but worth the trip.  The skiing at Kirkwood was all time.  See for yourself!

After all that everyone was pretty beat, so we got home a bit early that afternoon.  This gave us some extra time for the guys to take a few tests.  Why not…  Call me Senior Flynn.


We wanted to get some north lake action before we headed northeast to Idaho, so we decided to head to Northstar the next day.  It was amazing how much less snow there was on the north end of the lake, but Northstar is known for having a great terrain park and the guys made the best of it!

If you’re familiar with Lake Tahoe you know that the lake sits on the boarder of California and Nevada.  It takes about 2 hours to drive around the whole thing.  It was a quicker drive from our place in South Lake to Northstar via the Nevada route, but we decided to take the long way home and see the views from the western shores of the lake.


This is Emerald Bay.  A decent spot to be during sunset..


The next morning we were off to Sun Valley, Idaho.  You’d think there would be plenty to see on a 10 hour drive, but this part of the country somewhat blends together..  We did however drive through Twin Falls where we walked out onto this bridge.  It was a long way down…


We were happy to make it to our new home in Sun Valley and knew that we had to be in the right place when we pulled into the driveway.


We got up close and personal with some of the locals on our way to the hot springs in Sun Valley.  None of the Elk seemed to pay much attention to us, but they were awesome to watch on our way through.


The last stop of the Revolution Tour was why we headed to Sun Valley in the first place.  This stop was also a FIS event and drew an even more advanced field to the competition.  With decent weather and good sized jumps, the guys were stoked to be trying some new tricks and some even landed some of their first doubles!

When it came time to put down comp runs, the bar had been set pretty high.  Our buys weren’t satisfied with safety runs at this point and had a tough time landing their difficult runs.  There comes a time when you decide you’ve got to go big or go home, and these guys weren’t ready to go home yet.

Connor and Kyler were the only ones able to put down some clean.  And they were good!

After the competition wrapped up we head to our spot to pack our gear…  Look out Utah, here we come!


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