The Western Experience: Mammoth, CA

April 23, 2014

First Sight

After more than 19 hours of travel we arrived at our condo in Mammoth Lakes, CA.  Of course it was the middle of the night, so first impressions were a bit lack luster..  We had to wait until the next morning for our first good look at what we were working with for the next few days.  Things looked promising!


Not having the opportunity to hit the grocery store on our way in, we decided to try out some of the local cuisine and enjoyed our first West Coast breakfast at the Good Life Cafe.  It seemed as though life was going to be good for a while!


Our main objective at Mammoth was to compete in the second stop of the Revolution Tour.  Above is a look at the course..  With a couple days to practice on course, the boys had plenty of time to prepare for the competition.  However, severe weather made for dangerous conditions the day of the event and resulted in cancelation.


We were lucky for the first couple of days and enjoyed some classic Cali conditions.  Around 50 degrees and bluebird..  Gotta love skiing at the beach!


We made sure to use our spare time to take in all the sights, snap some cliche photos and explore all that Mammoth Mountain had to offer.  We had a glorious time.


You can’t be on a road-trip without stopping at the unique points of interest along the way.  We had heard there were hot springs in the area, and went looking.


With some help from the internet and directions from google maps, we found our way to Hot Creek Springs just south of Mammoth Lakes.  We had to be careful not to enter the areas with scolding hot water, but after careful consideration we were able to find a comfortable spot to soak.


It was a nice way to end an already awesome day!  We may have been tired from all the skiing, but who can’t find the energy to adventure in a new place like this..


Oh yeah, skiing..  We did some of that too.  Check out the boys in action below!

It’s safe to say that Mammoth was a big hit with the whole crew.  We also made some time to check out Mammoth Rock, where we got some great photos.  Make sure to keep an eye open for a photo album on Facebook real soon, and stay tuned for the next installment of The Western Experince..  Next stop, Tahoe and Sun Valley!


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  1. Avatar Deirdre Halper says:

    keep it coming!

  2. Avatar Nancy says:

    So nice to see and hear about all the kids did and to see them ski!!! Awesome footage, Rory. And the kids look great!!

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