the very first busy weekend.

December 10, 2011

Tomorrow (I write on Friday nights) marks the start of a incredibly busy weekend at the academy. Everyone’s schedule differs slightly as always but here’s what mine looks like:


Get on the lift at the mountain at 7 a.m.

Forerun (run the course first to test timing, course, etc.) the first FIS race of the season at Sunday River.


Forerun the second run.

Race back to school, get ready for the Snowball

Dance the night away at THE formal event at the academy.


Repeat all the above except dancing nights away.

I guess it isn’t so busy when it’s all laid out like that, but I’ll still be exhausted my Sunday afternoon. As for the races, multiple Gould skiers will be racing as well as some alum if I’m not mistaken. (click here to follow the racers)

Good luck Sarah, Isabelle, Hailey, Izzy, Shane, Jackson, Cody, Peter, and Erick!

So here’s to a good ski season, happy trails, and see ya next week.



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