The Trace Eight

January 11, 2013

Happy Friday Everyone!

Wow… It’s been a few weeks since I last posted, and I apologize for that! I had full-on tunnel vision during vacation. To be 100% honest, I lost track of what the days were.

But I do remember last Saturday when I was given the opportunity to go ice climbing with a few members of the Gould community as well as the Bethel community. On Saturday, I got up pretty early and got in the car with Mr. Hayward. We then drove up the street to pick up Mr. Riley. From there we drove out to Grafton Notch. We pulled up at a trailhead for snow machining, where a small path winds up the mountain into the woods. After about a 3/4 mile hike, the fun began.

Mr. Riley about to go up a 20-25 foot flow.

Instead of starting off with an easy climb, we went straight in for the difficult section. In the picture above, Mr. Riley is going up the most challenging climb at the Amphitheater. There was a section of hollow, brittle ice that was difficult to navigate on, followed by a gradual incline that lead directly into the vertical pitch.

On this trip, I learned a lot about technique and how to climb in a way that isn’t only trying to do a one-handed pull-up. I also learned how to tie the trace eight, which is one of the most important knots in the the ice climbing world, because it’s the knot used to attach your harness to the belay rope.

Ice climbing is something I have really enjoyed the few times I have gone. Climbing is something that I never would have been able to experience had I not joined the Gould Academy community.

Here are some pictures of the climb!

Roger, owner of Matterhorn Ski Bar, climbing.

Looking up the rope at the vertical section.

Mr. Hayward climbing

I have some videos, but its not allowing me to upload them to this post for security reasons! I will put them up, I hope, with my next post!

Until Next Week,



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  1. Avatar teddBrown says:

    Excellent post. Nice to see the ice formations as well as those climbing them.

  2. Avatar Charlie Newell says:

    TUNNEL VISION!!!!!!!!! A good disease to have – probably caused by numerous hours in the Batting Cage!!!! Nice Glog – interesting. Spring Training begins in a month.

  3. Chris Hayward Chris Hayward says:

    Nice write up Alec. It was great being out there with you. Next time ill show you how to set up the top rope anchors.

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