The Things I Will Never Give Up

January 10, 2015

Aloha from western Maine!

For those of you who don’t know me all that well, and for those who have never been to my house (which is a lot of you), my house is one big antique shop. It is not an exaggeration to consider my family a bunch of hoarders. We have an attic, 2 empty rooms, and a second living room where everything we don’t need or can’t bear to part with is stuffed into.

One of those rooms may look a little something like this,

(Just kidding)

Even though my house is a mess, there are some things that have a permanent sentiment to me, and I will never let those things go. For example, I have kept almost all of my plane tickets and admission tickets for museums or for the Chicago Sky Deck. I also have kept a rock collection that was given to me at a jewelers’ when I told him that I was doing a project on the mineral, quartz. On my bookshelf, I have an accumulation of all different kinds of perfume, expired and not expired. In the attic and the “office” room, there are stacks and plastic buckets full of work from school done by my siblings and I that dates back to elementary school. Another thing my family has a lot of is trunks – trunks that date back to WWII. My house also holds 3 giant bookshelves that hold numerous amounts of books that have probably been touched once – however, its nice to know that there’s always a book handy for when I want to read. And its hard not to mention the 27 drawers full of old Razor cellphones, walkie talkies, paper clips, glue sticks, and weathered sticky notes.

It’s very difficult for me to part with things, which is why my family and I have kept so many things throughout the years. What I have told you above isn’t even a bite into all we have just laying around. But I never know when I’ll need the things we have that are just there all the time. Sure, we can get rid of a lot, but what if one day I really wish I could look back on my travels around the country and around the world? Or, the quartz add a nice decoration piece to my room. What if one day I’d like to give away my perfume as a gift so my baby cousin can smell like banana nut bread and key lime pie? Although I’ve never done it, I would like to look into the past and look at all my old school work and see how naïve I was and how awful my handwriting was? The trunks we have always come in handy when I or my brother need to pack up for school; they’re sturdy and trustworthy and add a nice touch of antiqueness, which I really like. And it’s calming to know that there’s always a book on one of the bookshelves that I haven’t read before and I can always start reading for leisure.

Sometimes I take what we have for granted and sometimes I say we should just throw it all away. But when I actually think of the reality of not having it all right there, it’s kind of scary and I would feel empty without it. Although it does cause a giant clutter in our household, I can’t imagine parting with it and losing all of the history and memories that lie with them.

Until next week!
Yogi Tea Quote:
“Experience is not to get from only one place.”


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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    Natalie, I think we were cut from the same mold. Where did you get that picture of my house? (only kidding, but close)

  2. Avatar Sara says:

    I love that you hoard physical objects that you can feel and smell versus the digital ephemera that has over taken our lives. I hoard river stones. And will not part with them.

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