The Story of a Beijing Sunday

February 20, 2011

Quote of the Day: “Whenever I walk into a sacred space I have to pee.” – A young man in search of a bathroom.

We had yet another busy, busy day here in Beijing. After breakfast we headed cross town on public buses to Panjiayuan Market, also known as the Dirt Market or the Ghost Market.  Panjiayuan is a curio and antique market where you can buy anything, tchotchkes galore.  From Panjiayuan we headed to dinner and on to the Temple of Heaven. From there we hopped the subway and headed back to the Hotel for a dumpling feast in honor of Bouji’s birthday!  After a bit of time exploring the area around the Hotel, bed time came quickly for everybody.

The bus ride this morning… we could have fit a few more on the bus if we wanted to.

Mr. Baker gives some girls instruction on the finer points of bargaining.

Brooks and Seung Su walk through Panjiayuan Market with our 12th grade guides, Junmei and Jane.

Friends hanging out after time spent shopping.

The whole crew at the entrance to Panjiayuan Market after a successful morning of shopping.

The Temple of Heaven is on of the more tourist-y places we will go to. It was over run with various tour groups from around China and around the world.  Our students were asked to be in aa number of pictures with different groups and will soon be in photo albums around the world.

Lindsey K. et al. with a group of Thai Tourists in the Temple of Heaven.

Parks are one of the major hang out places for city dwellers in China.  Many elderly people spend their whole day playing and visiting with friends in the park. Here Clayton is playing Taiji Ball with an older denizen of Beijing in the park surround the Temple of Heaven.

The group at the main building the Temple of Heaven complex.  Cool fact: There is not a single nail in that entire building!

Tomorrow we have one more busy day in Beijing!



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  1. Avatar Lauren says:

    Thank you so much for the pictures and great commentary! Helps to see your child with a huge smile on his/her face when they are so far away!

  2. Avatar Victoria Fimiani says:

    Love the quote of the day!! The pics are great and I agree, it surely does help to see your child with a huge smile on their face. Thanks so much for the updates.

  3. Avatar Nina Robertson (Clay's grandmother) says:

    I’m enjoying so much seeing the progress of this trip. What an experience! Keep the photos and stories coming.

  4. Avatar cynthia galea says:

    Great group photo at the Temple of Heaven now they are all blessed to continuie their journey.

  5. Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures, it is great to see the pictures of all of these happy kids but most of all wonderful to see my son’s smiling face. Please give Isaiah our love, he seems to be having a great time.
    Much love,

  6. Avatar Celeste Keith says:

    Loving the pictures everyday! I have friends and family following the blog and have gotten many nice comments, it is great to feel ‘in touch’ with the group. Luv to my girls…Linds n Molly. Hoping you are all having the time of your life!

  7. Avatar Sandra Gamble says:

    So great to see how much fun you are all having, and wonderful to see the interactions with the locals! Thanks for posting all these great pix!

  8. Avatar Cathy Martin says:

    Thanks for the daily commentary and pictures. I look forward to seeing updates each morning. After that bus ride in China, the kids are sure to have new appreciation for the Mountain Explorer at Sunday River! Ali, have a blast! We miss you but are happy to see your smiling face in the pics!

    • Avatar Ali says:

      Hey mom, that bus ride was nothing compared to the subway in downtown Beijing during rush hour! I miss you and I’ll see youon Tuesday!

  9. Avatar Rochelle says:

    What a wonderful experience for these kids! Thanks so much for all the pictures and updates. Our family looks forward to the daily updates.

  10. Avatar Nadine Thompson says:

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures, have a wonderful day today and please give my love to Isaiah.
    Nadine Thompson

  11. Avatar Margaret Haberman says:

    Happy Birthday Cathryn on the 22nd! Love seeing the blog. What better place to spend your 15th birthday.

  12. Avatar Judi Weiss-Chislov says:

    We love it! The pics are great, lucky to have what looked to be a warmer day for the wall, how great!. Thank you Mr. Baker for teaching the girls to bargain, can’t wait to see what interesting finds they found.
    Love ya Moni Chis- Mom and Dad

  13. Avatar Nancy says:

    I look forward to the daily updates on the blog. It is wonderful to see all the smiling faces and to read about each days adventures. The “quote of the day” is a very nice addition to the blog. Many of our friends and familiy are following your journey. Our love to Justin, enjoy yourself!

    • Avatar Ali says:

      Quote of the Day: “Whenever I walk into a sacred space I have to pee.” – A young man in search of a bathroom.

      This was Justin at the Temple of Heaven! Definately something to be proud of

  14. Avatar Kymberlie Gee says:

    Kyrstin, you must be in heaven with all that chinese food! Can’t wait to see what you bought at the different markets! Have a great time and know we love you and can’t wait to see your picture each day with your beautiful smile!

  15. Avatar Mr. Perry's 8th grade Power Hour Class - Baxter, Minnesota says:

    Hi Calli,
    This looks like a great trip! I am sharing your blog with my Power Hour students. How long are you going to be in China?

    We look forward to reading more about your trip.

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