The Storm Before the Calm

November 13, 2011

Hi Everybody!

This week is the most infamous week in the history of all students everywhere. Of course, it’s finally EXAM WEEK! YAY!(insert sarcastic tone for last remark, seriously) So I’ve been studying hard for the past couple of hours in our amazing snack/extra help time and freaking out about the five exams which will be taken over the next 4 days(no exams for me on friday!), ripping my hair out, eating everyone’s favorite mini-tacos and generally getting a lot done. So now I’m taking a break and writing this Glog.

You may have noticed that my title seems backwards. It’s not, I promise! Exam week lays straight ahead, and on the other side is a nice break filled with sleep, skiing and food comas(Yay Thanksgiving!). I’m really excited for that break, but no one and nothing could get me excited for the hell that lies ahead of me. Luckily, Gould gives us some amazing opportunities to get on top of our game for exams, such as this help session, and the one that happens tomorrow morning. We also have our normal study halls, and hopefully that will get me through.

Have a good week, Good Luck to all kids taking exams everywhere and have a great week!

Blue Skies and Happy Trails Await!




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