The Spanish are coming, the Spanish are coming!!!!

October 22, 2013

OVERHEARD IN SPANISH 1 CLASS: (Teacher) “Where did the connection between words in Spanish and English come from?” (9th grader) “Umm, I suppose that the Spanish and English just had a party where they got together and discussed ideas. And had finger sandwiches.”

The Spanish are here, the Spanish are here!

This week at Gould we are pleased to welcome nine students from the Colegio Juan de Lanuza (translation: the School of John de Lanuza) to the Gould campus. They are here! These students have come to the United States, traveling hours by plane and train, to see firsthand one of the great cultural wonders of the modern world- that hub of Western society where the lights never go out. I’m talking about, of course, Freeport.

Among other adventures in Maine (apple pie making, pumpkin carving, trips to look at our beautiful rocks and water), these intrepid adventurers of the retail world are spending today (Tuesday, for those of you who aren’t near a calendar) in that shopping mecca of coastal Maine not called Kittery. In fact as their chaperone I am also spending the day here in LL Bean-land. In fact-in fact, I am currently sitting in the 1912 Cafe inside the Bean’s flagship store, taking advantage of the free WIFI. Care to see?

Photo on 10-22-13 at 11.51 AM








See? Not making it up.


Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, AS I TYPE THIS VERY LINE, I am able to participate in this exchange field trip by using the very latest, most up to date technology available to me in order to leave campus while still fulfilling my role as a teacher.

I asked another teacher to teach my class.

So while she is teaching the future Spanish-2-students-of-America the intricate mysteries of verb conjugation, I am dangerously close to a Ben & Jerry’s store.

During this exchange, in which Gould students travel to Spain in March and then welcome their hosts to Maine in October, we try to balance activities to take advantage of 2 very specific needs. These needs are

  • A: My desire to show off Maine’s natural beauty, and 
  • 2: Our visiting students’ desire to buy a whole lot of stuff.

So while today is all about The Gap, A&F, Coach, UGGs, and whatever else 15 year olds with a lot of cash want, yesterday was all about nature. Here’s a shot of some of our visitors at Step Falls in Newry (BEFORE Vanessa fell into a puddle and earned the nickname “mojadita”:

la foto 1









Tonight: Formal dinner! Tomorr


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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    Great fun! I’m sure they’re having a super week:) Thanks for filling us in.

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