The So. Cal. Skate Trip has begun!

July 8, 2012

We picked up Sam Buck and Lexi Stewart from LAZ and without telling them where we were headed we went south to the Transworld  private skatepark.  They asked tons of questions, particularly Sam.  At one point we said we thought the TWS park was somewhere near H.B.   Then, we showed up.  They were pretty excited.  We had lunch with us, but everyone seemed to forget their food in a frenzy to skate.

Steve Schultz is a Gould Academy Alum and he edits full time for Transworld.  He was nice enough to let us skate a bit and then he toured us through the offices.  Skin Phillips photos were a highlight.


Then, we skated both of the Oceanside concrete parks starting with Bishop which is all street and ending with a very crowded MLK.  Bruno Passo and his family were rolling around.


We finished the day with the new Spiderman 3-D film and sushi.



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  1. Avatar Val says:

    Sounds like skateboard heaven!

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