the simpler things.

January 17, 2011

Sometimes life can become unmanageable… overwhelming… and just plain stressful.  I know I am definitely feeling the pressures of a winter at Gould starting to kick in.  Hours on the mountain, hours spent in class, hours of homework to complete after class during study hall.  It seems as though our lives are engulfed by endless tasks and responsibilities to complete, that sometimes we forget to step back and embrace the little things, the simpler things, that make our days a little more manageable here at the academy.

What simple, little things am I talking about? Well consider all of the wonderful things such as…

1) a hot latte straight from Isabella’s Cafe to sip on before class

2) the first morning turn on a slope of untouched powder at Sunday River

3) a deliciously made panini sandwich from the grill

4) a custom-made barbie birthday cake baked by your favorite advisor

5) watching the boys hit rails and jumps they made on the hill before dinner in front of Gehring hall

6) ordering a large chocolate milkshake from Bethel’s Best (why do all of these seem to be food related?)

7) watching a new episode of Jersey Shore in the lounge with your best friends

8) seeing a picture of Mr. Alford’s face on a recent glog post

Those are just a few… but remember no matter how stressful life gets, sometimes just sitting back and acknowledging the little things can make life that much better.

Until next week,

au revoir

OH. I forgot to include that Hannah and I will be keeping a “spring break countdown” mega-sized calender on my wall until vacation starts, February 18th.

1 month, 2 days remain.


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