The Rise of the Top Ten List: Installment #1

November 3, 2015

OVERHEARD IN THE DINING HALL: (teacher) “I need to develop some useful skills for when the zombie apocalypse happens. Or maybe move in with Mr Parker’s parents.”

I was in Spanish class the other day, thinking about…well, Spanish class. My students were taking
a quiz, and so I had the opportunity to just sit and think.  And so I think-ed. And I came to the conclusion that
A: I need to keep a consistent store of jelly beans in my classroom, and
2: I ought to put a top 10 list on the blog this week. I mean, who doesn’t like a top 10 list?

So now, what top 10 list? I mean, I could do a list of most useful items to have in a classroom (“students” comes to mind-and a good pencil sharpener). I could do a “top 10 excuses for not having your homework done”. That would let me tell the story about when MY dog ate THEIR homework-true story. Or I could do a list of my favorite Spanish mistakes that students have made (funny for a select few readers, plus me).

So then it hit me! I can write a top ten list of lists I hope to create this year. Maybe all of you out there in Glogistan can help keep me on track this year. Oops, no space left to write the list this week…

I can always just put out pictures of cute kittens.

Yes, this.

Yes, this.

Next week: Top ten final exam answers list.


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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    Looking forward to those lists:)

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