The New “It” Game

February 8, 2014

Hello Glogworld,
Today I bring to you the new “it” game. From what I’ve personally experienced and from what I’ve heard from others, this game is the spawn of Lucifer himself. Not only is it a horribly pixelated version of Mario Bros, but it is unhealthily addicting. This game has peaked throughout the nation and I’m writing to you today to show you how it has affected our little community. This game is known to all as (dun dun dunn!) Flappy Bird.
What is shown below is my data collection of some students and their high scores. As you can see, most students are stuck in a range below 20 points.

Under 20:
Emmett H: 16
Alicia V: 16
Megan D: 20
Brooke B: 8
Brendan S: 12
Ellie W: 18
Matt C: 20
Delaney P: 14
Yutaro Y: 8
Jessika M: 20
Dylan F: 10
Dattar K: 4
Shannon M: 14

Under 50:
Will K: 25
Hannah: 21
Ward: 25
Carleigh L: 21
Molly B: 37
Isabella D: 36
Gretchen C (my cousin on the West Coast): 26
Ali P: 40
Jules P: 45
Marta M: 30
Mercedes F: 28

Under 80:
Annelies S: 67
Tristan H: 78
Natalie H: 63

Over 80:
Julia G: 102
Lexi S: 138
Jules A: 114

“It’s the best hit since Temple Run”
“It’s addicting”
“You get really into it”
“My score is 11 but it is increasing at a quick pace!”
“It’s really frustrating so I try to avoid it”
“I have 138 so I rule the school”
“It’s a life ruining game”
“It’s a waste of time”
“I think it’s causing all the Gould ruckus”
“It’s very frustrating”
“It’s addicting and it’s not even fun”
“It’s dumb but it’s fun”
“It’s a waste of time and it makes me really angry”
“It’s really addictive ad frustrating”
“I hate it”
“It’s addicting and very frustrating”
“It’s addicting and it makes me upset because I lose”
“People are addicted to it and it’s sad”
“It’s frustrating and not fun”
“I kind of stopped playing because it wasn’t worth my time”
“It’s kind of addicting but dumb”
“It’s so frustrating”
“It sucks, it’s nerve-wracking, and makes everyone impatient”
“Octavio broke the screen of his phone because he was so frustrated”
“I love it and I hate it at the same time”
“It’s frustrating because I’m not good at it”
“It’s just a game and people are getting too worked up over it”
“It’s fun when you’re bored”
“I hate everything about it”

Why put yourself through so much pain?
My advice to parents’ is that if you see your child on this list who’s score is over 30, I would have a serious talk them. That is because something else must be dropping besides their social skills…

Until next week!
Yogi Tea quote #3
“So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains and we never even know we have the key.”

P.S. This weeks Glog idea goes out to my friend Rose G.! Thanks so much!


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