The Maine SK8 Series Finals 2013

June 26, 2013

Eli Davis, Oxford Hills Skate ParkIt was all a blur.  Skaters showed up from all around the great state of Maine.  Folks drove three and four hours to jam with us.  They skated hard.  They landed some ridiculous stuff.  They rose to the level of the best skaters.  The jams started at twenty minutes and sprawled out to closer to thirty minutes long for the A Group.

For the B Group it was so large that it went to two heats of eight riders each and then down to a six rider final.

Lexi Stewart, Oxford Hills Skate ParkOur judges included Vermont Skateboards team riders, Dave Mull and Steve Mull.  We thank our partners Camp Woodward, Zoo York, Skate Park of Tampa, and Rye Airfield.  In the end, the best rider in all seven jams was Eli Davis.  He walked away with a free week this summer at Woodward East, the mecca for summer skateboarding.

Series Standings

1. Eli Davis

2. Shamus Malia

3. T.C. Wilson

Corral Guerrero, Oxford Hills Skate ParkBethel JamGroup A

1. Shamus Malia

2. T. C. Wilson

3. Eli Davis

4. Alex Koston

5. Corral Guerrero

6. P.J. Steber

7. Lexi Stewart

8. Cooper Whittier

9. Roman Pelligrino

10. Todd Sullivan

B Group

1. Matt Bragdon

2. Mitch Romanowski

3. George Connors

4. Matt Chaisson

5. Conrad Kefferputz

6. Jahmai Bartlett

Issac Grover, Oxford Hills Skate Park


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