The Maine SK8 Series at the Augusta Skatepark

May 19, 2013

The Augusta skate scene is nothing short of amazing.  Skaters kept showing up, long after we started.  They’d ask, “Can I skate.”  Of course, they could and they did.  The whole scene revolves around Toebee Parkhurst.  He designed the park and threw down considerable time, energy and money to make the park happen.

Toebee came through with prizes.  He had a box of shirts from his company, Constance Clothing.  He also had skateboard mementos.  A signed hat from legendary pro skateboarder, Danny Way and a small piece of a very special private skatepark, The Berrics.

It was an amazing jam that ended with a rain shower.  Thanks to Toebee for his generosity and energy and thanks to Eric Breton for the rest.

A Group

1. Eli Davis

2. Dustin McLaughlin

3. T. C. Wilson

4. Shamus Malia

5. Chris Beaudoin

6. P.J. Steber

7. Cooper Whittier

8. Nolan Brann

9. Chase Caroll

10. John Libby

11. Corral

12. Josh Niederer

13. Jake Murphy

14. Lexi Stewart

15. Jordan Dailey

16. Alex Koston

17. Cody Gosselin

18. Gabe McKenna

19. Thomas Sherman

20. Cody Smith


B Group

1. Cody McCourt

2. Don Loverning

3. Mitch Romanowski

4. Nick Rollins

5. Davis Ballou

6. Chris Thompson

7. Conrad Kefferputz

8. Will Halper

9. Michael Clinton

10. Hunter Cline

11. Utah Bean

12. John Herron

13. Baylie Cyros

13. Tucker Hayward

13. John Boynton

13. Charlies Dayton

13. Leon Robie


Girls Group

1. Josie

2. Jade Lewis

3. Marissa Pharlen





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  1. Avatar Monique says:

    Awesome job team! Where can I find pics & vids from all these events, practice sessions, random candid moments, etc?

  2. Avatar Dave Bean says:

    Dear Monique: The pictures take 3-7 days to get posted after an event. Nick shoots video and takes photos for the team. He doesn’t shoot video at jams because of the choas. There are several video clips posted to the blog from earlier this season.

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