The Maine SK8 Series at the Anti-Gravity Center

May 4, 2013

Wednesday, May 1, 2013 Carrabassett Valley, Maine

It is always excellent to get back to Sugarloaf.  We’ve been doing jams at the Anti-Gravity Center for ten years now.  We’ve had bigger crowds, but we’ve never had skaters go any bigger than they did last Wednesday.  Thanks to Deb Bowker at the AGC for making things happen.  All photos by Nick Beauregard.

Eli Davis wins the Maine SK8 Series at the Anti-Gravity Center

A Group

1. Eli Davis

2. Shamus Malia

3. T.C. Wilson

4. Tyler Lowandowski

5. Louis Morel L’Moret

6. P.J. Steber

7. Lexi Stewart

8. Roman Pelegrino

Cooper Whittier takes first in the B Group at the Maine SK8 Series at the Anti-Gravity Center.

B Group

1. Cooper Whittier

2. Mitch Romanowski

3. Connor Kelly

4. Conrad Kefferputz

5. Riley McDonaugh

6. Luke Kearing

7. Michael Clinton

8. Utah Bean

9. Charlie Dalton

10. John Herron

10. Hunter Cline

10. Baily Cyros

10. Tucker Hayward

10. John Boynton

10. Leon Robie

Shamus Malia

Eli Davis

Shamus Malia

Cooper Whittier


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