The Maine SK8 Series 2013 at Oxford Hills Skatepark

May 17, 2013

Oxford Hills Skatepark is the first concrete skate park in Maine.  Designed by Wally Holladay and completed in 2006, the place is tight.  The coolest line is an ollie over the bank to curve with a three and half foot drop and a flat landing.  No one handled it quite like Eli Davis who kickflipped it.  We did the most ridiculous thing by throwing a jam with twenty riders going at it all at once.  That was the A Group and it went twenty-five minutes.  The energy was pretty amazing.  The last time things were this crazy was when we unofficially opened the park and 150 skaters sessioned until dark.

See you Saturday, May 18th at the Augusta Skatepark.  Pro skater and Hodlum team rider, Toebee Parkhurst will be there.  Hope you make it.  We start at 1:00 p.m.

The final Jam is Wednesday, May 22nd at the Bethel Skatepark.  Bring your helmet.  If the weather doesn’t work we’ll skate the Gould Academy indoor park.  Vermont Skateboards team rider Dave Mull will be there.

A Group

1. Josey Estes

2. Eli Davis

3. Shamus Malia

4. Stephen Dobinson

5. Adam Lagasse

6. Michael Sheehan

7. Alex Koston

8. Eli Till

9. Skyler Bullard

10. Corral Guerrero

11. Kale Churchill

12. Cooper Whittier

13. T. C. Wilson

14. P. J. Steber

15. Ryan Henneberry

16. Louis Morel L’Herret

17. Issac Grover

18. Ted Sullivan

19. Lexi Stewart

20. Jason Vallieres


Group B

1. Jake Relgate

2. Conrad Kefferputz

3. Mitch Romanowski

4. Connor Kelly

5. Riley McDonough

6. Roman Pelegrino

7. Will Halper

8. Charlie Dayton

8. Utah Bean

8. Tucker Hayward

8. Michael Clinton

8. Hunter Cline

8. John Herron

9. Leon Robie

9. Baylie Cyros

9. John Boynton



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