The Maine SK8 Series 2012 Final Jams

May 22, 2012

Our third event went off without a hitch at the Oxford Hills Skatepark, the oldest concrete park in Maine.  Chris Kist got best trick with a 270 to front board on the down rail.  Francis Rodman and Aaron Nadeau killed it.

The final comp was at the Bethel Skatepark.  It had rained for almost a week straight.  The squeegees had been getting a better workout than we were getting.  That afternoon, the clouds parted, the sun shone, and skaters from all over Southern and Western Maine went after it.  Lexi won for the B’s. Eli won for the A’s.  And Rene Mesones won the best rider for the series.  For that he has a week at Camp Woodward.

We want to thank our business partners who include: Camp Woodward, Skate Park of Tampa, Zoo York, and Rye Airfield.

Rene Mesones, The Series Winner with P.J. and Eli

Enjoy the photos.  Eric Breton is a genius skater with his all skatepark jams.  Skating the way it should be, yeah.  We love it.

We’ll see you at the Newburyport, MA Skate Fest June 18th and International Go Skateboarding Day, June 21 at the Portland, ME Skatepark.

A huge shout out to our friend Dave Mull from Vermont Skateboards.  Skating with him again was amazing and he helped out with the judging too.

All photos credits go to James Abbott.



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