The Maine Reason

October 17, 2007


So it was great to see all the parents this last weekend, and see how calm they all were compared to the first day of school. The other interesting thing to watch, was the way the freshman and new students showed their parents around Gould, with a sense of ownership. Very cool.

Fall Parents’ Weekend saw the first sales of GAP Sports Boosters’ gear. Sales were fast & furious with stadium blankets selling out! Not to worry – the blankets have been re-ordered and should be on campus soon. These blankets are not only a great way to stay warm on the sidelines (team members & their loyal fans). but they would also keep GA athletes (and others) warm on those winter bus rides. GA license plate holders, sideline chairs (complete with carrying case), and beach towels were brisk sellers as well. Support GA & the Sports Boosters with your order!

Contact Marily Kerney at or (207) 824-4024. All profits from the sales of these items will fund sports-related improvements at Gould.*

Anyway enough about parents weekend, you’ve probably heard enough. Lets talk about…. Maine.
Maine is the 39th biggest state in the country. 210 miles wide and 320 long, of which 13.5% is water.
Population 1,274.923 (in the year 2000) 40th in the country.
Maine’s highest point is Mount Katahdin 5,268ft.
It’s most populous city is Portland 64,000. Has over 21,000 miles of public highways, exceeding the total mileage of any other New England state.
The first European settlement in Maine was in 1604 by a French party. The first English settlement in Maine was established by the Plymouth Company at Popham in 1607, the same year as the settlement at Jamestown, Virginia. Both colonies were predated by the Roanoke Colony by 22 years. Because the Popham Colony did not survive the harsh Maine winters and the Roanoke Colony was lost, Jamestown enjoys the distinction of being regarded as America’s first permanent settlement.
Finally, it is the only state with a one syllable name, and the only state to be bordered by only one state.

What is the significance to all this you may ask.
Well correct me if I’m wrong, but Maine is the one thing that Everyone reading this GLOG has in common… and that’s not a bad thing.
Hope you enjoy the pictures, all taken in Maine.

Coming soon to the Glog, more Ramen recipes and CRIBS, so all you day students who think you are safe from the Davies roving camera, we already have permission from your parents to pop in and take photos of your rooms. Keep them tidy you never know when we will hit…….. Watch this space

Chris & Helen Davies


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