The Lotus Eaters

February 21, 2011

Quote of the Day: “I’m a little overwhelmed.” – student utterance after having his picture taken with approximately 30 Chinese nationals.

Overwhelming indeed. Today was a day of touring overwhelmingly large and magnificent places of cultural, political and culinary significance.

First, the political which was more of the paparazzi. Students and teachers were quite the popular attraction and we all had fun meeting a lot of people at Tiananmen Square.

The obligatory group shot….

Next, it was into the Forbidden City, but first a quick shot of a few waiting outside of the gate.

Once inside the city there was a little more paparazzi…in China we’re kind of a big deal.

After the city, it was on to a lunch of hot and spicy noodles followed by the silk market – not for the faint of heart haggler. But, all came out with new pairs of shoes and smiles.

Turns out haggling can raise quite an appetite for Mongolian Hot Pot.

Here are our lotus eaters just before devouring the tasty root.

And for desert? – the unusual delectables found only at the night market. From sugar glazed fruit to silk worm on a stick, the night market finished off the night in surreal style.

Scorpions were the big hit of the night and there was always room for more it seemed.

It was a great last full day in Beijing. Tomorrow we head into the Hutongs before traveling to Chengdu and Xi’an in our respective groups in the afternoon.

A big thank you to our intrepid and always over serious tour guides! They’ve been a fantastic help from coordinating meals, guiding us through subways and everything in between.

Goodnight from Beijing.


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  1. Avatar Landon says:

    Happy birthday, Cathryn! Hope you bought a lot of those silk worms on a stick for yourself. Did Mr. Baker find you a cake with candles? Best birthday wishes from home- we’ll celebrate when you get back.

  2. Avatar margaret haberman says:

    That is the brightest orange hat I ever saw, Cathryn. Everyone looks very happy. It’s 20 degrees here but it was 50 last Friday. The ice tower fell down on Saturday night in 60mph gusts. Hugs.

  3. Avatar Elaine Fearnley (Steve's mom) says:

    Looks like a new protein addition for Ordway…how many ways can you cook an arachnid? (Did you know crickets are actually Kosher? ) Have fun all!!

  4. Avatar Victoria Fimiani says:

    Lotus and locust eaters.

  5. Avatar Robert H. Thompson says:

    It’s great to see these young folks having such fun. Thanks for keeping this blog. Give my love to Isaiah.

    Bob Thompson

  6. Avatar mary haberman/grandma says:

    Happy Birthday, love. Sounds like a wonderful adventure! I love the blog.

  7. Avatar Lesley Rowse and Gary Inman says:

    Caili, I hope you liked the scorpions! Eat some awesome food for me. Ani

  8. Avatar Judi Weiss-Chislov says:

    Haggle Nika, Haggle! We just had a garge sale this weekend so lots of closet space for the new schotchkes 🙂 Hope you enjoyed Hot Pot for dinner! To the Chaperones thank you for keeping this wonderful blog going. To the guides, thank you for being wonderful hosts to our kids!

  9. Avatar Robin Gilbert (Molly's Mom) says:

    Good to see everyone still smiling! Molly / Lindsey – did you really try the scorpions and silk worms…..if you did, you have one up on Louise! See you all soon.

  10. Avatar zhang wanyu says:

    Caili, enjoy your stay in China! I miss you so much!

  11. Avatar Nadine Thompson says:

    Wow, great pictures, its wonderful to see the kids having so much fun!!!!!
    Thank you Gould!

  12. Avatar Kymberlie Gee says:

    Kyrstin, did you eat the chocolate covered crickets? Looked yummy! Hope you had a great time at the Markets. Can’t wait to see what you got and how well you bargained! Looked really cold yesterday, hope you stayed warm. Can’t wait to hear about your host family. We love you and miss you!

  13. Avatar Cynthia Galea says:

    The brave lotus eaters look the witches in Macbeth as they prepare their cauldron concoction. How adventurous these guys are fast food at home will be uneventful

  14. Avatar Erin Pierce says:

    Loving this blog!!! Take care of each other and cherish every minute.

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