The Last Workshop

March 10, 2013

The last two days of the point were wonderful but very busy!  Please excuse the lack of posting.  Below are photos from both Friday and Saturday during the day as well as from Friday night’s evening activity, Bingo!


Jameson and his lamp



Jeff Candura stopped by to see what was happening and couldn’t help but roll up his sleeves next to Sam and de-bone a chicken

the whole gang getting instructions from Dustin



Melissa the Mad Hatter














Jack feeling the pressure of Bingo


Bingo prizes


more Bingo prizes

Jingfei selecting a prize



Babacar and Bo working on appetizers












Ximo shucking clams



Hunter shucking clams



clams casino



starting to display the art












Rose and Rose working on the hat display



pieces of the sculpture installation









sushi prep



Michael’s intensity over sushi arrangement

Bo and Ximo


large scale drawing









another large scale drawing




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