The kids are off to stay with their host families

March 27, 2013

After a visit to the seamstress in Karatu where the girls are having skirts made and the boys are having shirts and ties made, we went to Tumiani for lunch, soccer and a visit. We also unloaded all of the supplies that we brought. The kids unpacked, sorted, stamped, and shelved 250 pounds of books!  The Tumiani students loved to see us all and greeted us with hugs, smiles and wonder.
Photos are not uploading–cloudy skies–but we will try this evening.

Later today Brett and I will visit all the students at their homestays. Instead of going to school, they are staying with the families and will learn what a full day at home is like. We hope to share stories of coffee farms, herding goats, milking cows, carrying water on heads and much more.


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  1. Avatar Sheila Maguire says:

    Amazing! We are missing Shannon so much, but so thrilled she has this opportunity to immerse herself in the culture of Tanzania!

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