The Inferno

April 20, 2011

So this last weekend I was coerced into competing in the Tuckermans Inferno, a crazy race that consists of Run, Kayak, Bicycle, Hike and Ski.

Davies, back in a boat....

Our team “A Crooker and 4 Lookers” did quite well as a bunch of rookies, placing 13th out of 30 or so teams. I was pretty pleased with my result – 4th in the kayak. Helen did a stellar job as team support and photographer.

The one thing I didn’t expect was all the Gould connections. It turned out one of our team-mates is alum Julia Young ’86….! Also, while waiting at a transition, Whitney Hilton ’04 said “hi”, then as we were at the finish line waiting for the skiers, we see a Gould speed-suit, charging down the hill, Jonathan Parsons ’08….. Jonathan actually was the fastest skier of the day….!

Also racing, the whole thing alone….. Chris Hayward our very own Tuckerman! He finished 5th.

Enjoy the photos.

Chris H, Jonathan and Chris D

Couldn't have done it without our super support

Chris and Julia


Well, it was fun, and who knows, a Gould Team for next year?

Until Next Week

The Davies’s’s’s’s


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