The Harvest of the Heat

April 18, 2008

So I know that many of my glog entries have been about snow and the winter….Well this this one is no change, although I truly believe it will be the last….
The snow is finally gone from the upper and lower fields, and the tennis players are hitting balls outside again.

The Heat Harvest…?! This is an event at Sunday River, where snow is “harvested” from White Heat, and made into terrain feature. Then skiers and riders from all over the East Coast come with film crews and photographers to get the last footage of the year for next years movies and magazines. The Gould snowboard and freestyle team are lucky enough to be given a hand full of spots, this years Gould guest were Sam Parker (pictured below and right), Troy Murphy, Robbie Moulton (pictured left) and Chris Lee

This years set up was basically a 50ft gap……! The picture below shows the Sunday River park crew (on the left) working on the take off. With the horizon of snow being the landing…! Great riding by all involved, and a great end to a long season. And yes I will be wearing sun-screen today….

Well that’s all for today. See you next week.
Chris And Helen.


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