The Gould Strava Club

April 29, 2020

Distance Learning at Gould is our new normal, and it’s amazing to see how fast the faculty and students have adapted to this new delivery model. We’re still able to do many of the things we’ve always done, but the team-building and physical challenges of our athletics teams and clubs initially left a pretty big void to fill.

The Shifrin Family is part of the Gould Strava Club
A Shifrin Family Bike Ride

Enter the Gould Strava Club.

The Gould Strava Club is designed to keep the community tied together and to encourage everyone to safely get outside and exercise. 60 members have registered and joined so far, and are building a thriving online activity network.

Members log their activities and upload them to the Gould Strava Club site after each session for everyone else to see. Seeing what your peers and coaches are doing day in and day out is great motivation!

Hunter Curtis in part of the Stava Club and posts regularly about her runs.
Hunter Curtis ’21 reminds us that not everyone is in the mountains.

Any activity is great and can be added to the club’s activity board, but Strava specifically records and tracks the data from running, cycling, and swimming. A club leaderboard displays each week’s leaders based on total time, total distance, and longest activities.

A $50 gift certificate will be awarded to the top two Gould Strava Club members at the end of the spring term, but it’s not all about competition. Classmates stay connected by posting photos of where their adventures take them. Neighborhood trailblazers post updates on trail conditions. Teachers and coaches give “kudos” and comment encouragement on activities. Plus every activity is mapped, which helps others see your route and plan their own.

The Rileys are active strava club members
Betsy Riley hiked Mt. Will with her daughter Carly Giddings ’13.

We might not be able to storm Schroy field with lacrosse sticks held high, or pedal as a group through the mountains of Grafton Notch this season, but Gould Huskies across the globe are still as active and connected as ever. And they still know it’s always a good day to be a Husky.

What are you doing to stay active? Let us know in the comments below.

Wishing your community was this connected?


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