The Gould Skatepark is Done!

October 24, 2011

A Wall Ride, Hand Rails and a Half Bowl. Nothing wrong with that.

After three months work the Gould Academy skatepark is finally complete.

From the old park to the new park in one quick right turn.

A hundred foot long street course, crazy

 The rails were welded in place this past Wednesday.  I finished putting a little angle up onto the wall ride.  There’s nothing left to do but skate and the Gould skaters are tearing it up whenever they have a free moment.  There’s footage coming up, but here are a few photos to start with.

Week two and it was a long way to get it all done.

I love the pattern of 2×6′s, but I love skating the finished bowl even better.

The Old Section of the Park leading into the new part.

I just like the way the hand rails and stairs come out of nowhere.






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    • Avatar davebean says:

      I remember skating with you guys at Rye Airfield once and I remember skating the Oxford Hills park with a super nice guy and his son. Get in touch if you’re up this way and I’ll make things happen.

  2. Avatar Ryan says:

    Is it true that no one can skate this beautifully made park unless your a Gould student?

    • Avatar davebean says:

      We have a community skate night on Thursdays from 7:30-8:30 p.m. You need your own skate and a workable helmet. Just reach out to me.

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