The Gould Huskies Road Cycling Season (In Verse!)

May 27, 2013

This season the Gould Huskies bared their teeth,

The tires would roll over the musty clay heath.

The Other school teams should have been concerned,

the victory from last year had been fought for and earned.


On the first day shown a record size team,

There was no trouble making our leader beam.

Led by our Captains Erick and Marge

We started our first race with a grandiose charge


From the first race we opened a sizeable margin.

The legs of our competitors: crime scenes declared arson.

The races surely got tougher and harder.

We knew what we had to do: “Go faster, climb higher!”


With only four seniors attached to the team,

A young team with no chance to win, it would seem.

But with strength from our fastest to our slowest,

Everyone with good results, showing extreme focus.


We soon realized our range was fast to faster,

we avoided the worst, most deadly disasters.

Then a tough race came, our team struggled through it,

but with crashes and flats, some of us just couldn’t do it.


When everyone seemed to be down and out,

the weather came and fought a good bout.

It gave us a weekend to rest our legs,

and eat some good food, such as bacon and eggs.


And then we came back stronger than ever,

we raced with strategies that were quite clever.

One more step on the road to domination:

A great team: There’s no better translation.


This was my last season on the team, and my last season at Gould. Through the good times and the bad, we all had a good time, and there were lots of smiles shared. I hope that everyone else on the team had as good a time as I did. I will definitely remember this awesome group, and hopefully they’ll have me back for some rides next year!

The best, craziest, funnest team ever. Incredible memories, and an incredible season! Thanks to everyone who made it possible!

Have a good week!




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  1. Avatar Nancy says:

    Fun lines:) Will have to copy that down, Have been enjoying your blog, John. Thanks for explaining Strava a while ago. Will miss you.

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