The Funny Things in this World

December 8, 2010

Well I feel like I should tell a little about the Snowball dance from a students perspective instead of a faculties.  It might be kind of hard for me given I did not go last year because of a family commitment, but I feel like it has been all anyone has been talking about for a couple weeks now.  The new addition of the dance that I am excited for is the after dance dance.  The snowball is known for a nice time to dress up in dresses and suits, and go with a date, almost like a prom.  But this after dance is where we can get out of the nice clothes and just have some fun in some not so nice clothes and just let loose.

On a separate note, a new thing coming to Gould is Gould TV.  Now I have a show with a couple of my friends, and I guarantee it will be hilarious.  We are going to do around three minute skits at least once a week.  They are going to be completely random with the purpose of being funny and entertaining.  So comment on this blog and let me know if you have any recommendations for ideas, because believe me, you will enjoy this.


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